Rent a modular storage unit

Container of your choosing

Looking for extra storage space for your possessions or material? You can rent a modular storage container for short or long periods from Warsco Units. Whatever you want to store, we have the right modular storage unit. If, for example, you need a solid storage unit for your material and equipment, then a shipment container is the perfect solution. Choose the warehouse storage unit if you need that little extra or if your possessions are subject to temperature variations or condensation.

Customized units

When you rent a modular storage unit you have plenty of choice. We offer 5 standard models, but you can still adapt and/or extend each model. For example, you can choose a unit with or without warehouse racks, lighting and outlets. All units are of course insulated in order to fully protect your property.

Consult an expert

Do you want to rent a modular storage container? Warsco Units provides the space you need. We have more than 40 years of experience in modular building systems, so we know exactly what you need! Fill out the contact form today and leave everything to us.