Rent an office cabin

Warsco gives you the space you need

Does your company lack office space or do you need accommodation during renovation works? Warsco Units has the perfect solution: rent an office cabin! Our high quality cabins are available in all shapes and sizes. A modular, moveable office cabin is a fast, flexible and cheap solution that you can adapt to your needs when necessary. Even the Warsco Units’ head office is completely composed of office cabins. Don’t hesitate to pay us a visit and be inspired or bring us a virtual visit!

Full company buildings

Renting an office cabin from Warsco will convince you of the potential of modular building systems. Our units can’t be distinguished from permanent buildings and are equipped with all necessary technology, like HVAC, electricity, sanitary facilities, data, telephone and television. Should you wish so, we can also provide the suitable furniture. Our units also meet all the safety and energy performance requirements.

Custom office cabin?

Do you want to rent an office cabin? Contact us now for a custom solution. We have 8 different basic models and can adapt each model to your company’s requirements.