Rent a modular home

The perfect solution for temporary housing

At Warsco Units you can not only rent or buy a mobile company building, you can also rent modular homes as a private individual. Our modular homes can be perfectly used as temporary housing when you are for example building your dream house or if your house is temporarily uninhabitable.

Maximum comfort

We rent different types of modular homes according to your needs: one single unit or a combination of different units combined as a modular home. Our units meet all legal requirements regarding safety, electricity, energy performance and fire resistance. Moreover, they’re fully equipped and all facilities are present: toilet, shower, kitchen unit, connections for a washer and dryer, sufficient living and sleeping space,… You won’t even feel the difference with your own home.

Request an offer

Do you want to rent a comfortable modular home? Warsco Units will create the perfect space for you! Contact us today for an offer. If you also need space to store your possessions you can use our handy modular storage units.