Rent a construction trailer

Working on wheels

Do you own a construction company and do you often work on a different location? Then a mobile construction trailer is the perfect solution! You always have a comfortable working space at your disposal with the construction trailers from Warsco Units, wherever you are working. The compact and easily transportable vehicles are available in both slow and fast traffic. They consist of a metal cage construction attached to a metal chassis, coated with galvanized outer plating.

Options in abundance

When renting a construction trailer you have several options to divide it. You can choose to have a completely open space or furnish your construction trailer with tables, chairs and a toilet. However you think your construction trailer should look, Warsco Units makes it possible. On top of all that construction trailers are equipped as standard with a twin axle, heating and lighting and floor, roof and wall insulation. The latter makes the space extra comfortable.

Want to know more?

Do you have more questions about our construction trailers or do you want to rent one immediately? Contact Warsco Units now. We will gladly provide you with a custom construction trailer and we will even deliver it. Our crane trucks have no trouble placing trailers, even on the least accessible places!