Rental container conversions

Maximum flexibility

Are you looking for convertible container conversions for your company? You can count on the flexible container conversions from Warsco Units. We create the perfect space for every sector or situation, whether it’s extra office space, production space, technical areas or (class)rooms. The big advantage is that we can easily attach or detach several container conversions. You can also quickly refill technical equipment or replace it (e.g. heating or air conditioning). Container conversions provide maximum flexibility. 

Mix & match

We offer container conversions in all shapes and sizes so you can combine units as much as you want. You can choose from 10 basic models, but you can also get these models in a custom version. The possibilities are endless! The basic equipment of these container conversions consists of:

  • insulated floors, roofs and walls
  • double glass and blinds
  • heating and lighting
  • air conditioning

Order extra space

Are you in need of extra space? Choose for the versatile container conversions of Warsco Units. We provide a custom solution and deliver and place everything. Call us for more information or an offer.